Wool Bean

The finest little café
you never knew existed

Wool Bean Café

Los Angeles *loves* a speakeasy, or a hidden gem.  Here's one you will fall in love with.  Tucked into the food court of a Korean marketplace & grocery, Wool Bean is quaint and charming, friendly and unassuming, caring and precise.  Our menu is simple, but the resulting products are exceptional.  Gourmet cuisine isn't always fancy.  Often the most-rewarding culinary experiences are found in simple things, done right.  This is how we excel.

For those wondering what a "Wool Bean" could be... you'll be happy to learn that "Wool" is the pronunciation for a Korean word which means "us" or "we".  So the name of this place translates loosely as "Our Bean" or maybe, "Being Together" Café.  Even when you order an iced beverage, you can feel the [emotional] warmth in this place.


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